I'm interested in hanging all my guitars on the wall in my basement.

What is the best/safest brand of mount to use ?

Also.. what do I need to be careful about .. for example can they hang on a wall above a floor radiator etc ? Curious about what environmental levels of temp and humidity I need to try and keep in range. Thanks in advance.
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don't hang it above or near a radiator

i'd say try not to hang in direct sunlight (unless you have curtains etc) but maybe your basement doesn't have any windows at all

i dunno what the safest is, i use hercules

you want to watch you don't drill into power cables, pipes and stuff like that. i don't know much about the diy aspect, i got someone else to do it for me
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you want to watch you don't drill into power cables, pipes and stuff like that. i don't know much about the diy aspect, i got someone else to do it for me

If you're not sure, tap the wall. The deeper the sound, the more solid the wood or whatever is behind, but definitely be careful of what Dave said.

I use Fender's wall hanger. Simple device, around $15, and does the job as intended. Not sure about humidity though, but I'm sure it's something you can gauge for yourself. Don't think too hard on it.
i have been using these for over ten years:


i have never had a problem. i make sure they go into the stud or i put a board up on the wall and mount the hangers to that.

*every* time i post this, somebody follows with rebuttal, but i wouldn't trust drywall anchors. yeah i am sure they will be fine, but i sleep better at night knowing they are in studs and not coming out.

i would be pissed if $6-$8k worth of guitars were to hit the floor...


i am not sure how great a basement environment is for guitars, especially if it is damp down there. i would keep them FAR AWAY from any heating/cooling source. and i don't put mine in sunlight either (not that it probably matters much) but if you do maybe keep the curtains up during the day.
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Use a stud finder and make sure to lag the screws into studs. It really locks down the wall hangers. One downside to this is it doesn't always look great because the layout of studs may not be appeasing to the eye.
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What is the construction of the wall?
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I'd not hang my guitars period, and definitely not in a basement, which is largely a humidity trap. Absolutely do not hang them above a heater of any kind.
In hanging your guitars you're subjecting them to each and every climate change, and it's pretty well guaranteed that your strings and metal bits will corrode faster in that atmosphere than if the guitars were kept in the case. That said, you need to make sure that your hangers are absolutely secure (I'd have to agree that I'd NOT use drywall anchors despite anecdotal stories from guitarists who think they're just fine).

All that said, I still wouldn't hang guitars in my environment (earthquakes, three athletic cats and a spousal unit who cleans...um...with abandon). Mine stay in cases and several of them are from the late '30's, late '40's and mid-50's. I've also felt that they're a bit more secure from notice by burglars and my idiot friends. If, on the other hand, your guitars are $500 and below, hang away.
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I hang all my guitars, I either stud mount the hangers or put up a cross board that is mounted to the studs and then the hangers are mounted on the cross board. My guitar room happens to be in the basement as that is the only space available so I have dedicated dehumidifier for the room, works great and keeps the room climate pretty level. Don't mount your guitar directly over a heater as you don't want to be constantly exposing your guitar to the temperature fluctuation.