I want to buy an acoustic guitar, but I'm not sure between 2 models.
I'm drifting between the Yamaha FX370C and Fender CF 60 CE.
Can anybody advise me?
I would appreciate some help, thank you !!!!
billy_kidd I´ve played both. But im not that experient, but i liked the yamaha. Im concerned about the pick ups, because i know that are really good, and has built in tuner,
The thing is that i dont really know wich one to choose....
i've played both. the yamaha sounds better. if it sounds better, it is better.
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Having played a few acoustic Fender instruments, though not that one specifically, I'd tell you they're a laugh, a cash-grab and an insult combined into an instrument. The company either does not care to make a decent acoustic nylon stringed instrument, or simply has no idea what they're doing, probably both.

There is a great difference in construction between nylon and steel stringed guitars, they aren't simply interchangeable. And changing the strings from one to the other will either just not yield decent results, or in the case of putting steel strings on a nylon instrument, break the instrument in two. Whatever method Fender used, it was the wrong one.
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I don't generally like to slam a company's products, because somebody out there invariably likes what I'm slamming. I utterly despise Fender's acoustics though. I paid $379 in 1985 (or so) for a brand new Fender "California Series" acoustic. What a piece of crap (it was supposed to be my first "good" guitar). That wasn't a beginner guitar price then (or now!). It was gorgeous. The nut/saddle/bridge pins = all plastic. The fretboard? Painted black (it came off on my fingers). Within 3 string changes the bridge pins were ruiined and unusable. It was a poorly made, overpriced piece of crap sold to an ignorant guy who wanted something good....and ended up with a Fender.

To be completely frank: I also own a Stratocaster. I dislike it heartily. The craftsmanship of it's much better than my earlier Fender....but I hate the way it feels in my hands. It's never grown on me.