Been listening to some music and I realised how much I love the tone from This Town Needs Guns:


Basically, just the start of this album with the hammer-ons and such... It's not really a clean sound, but it's very solid and metallic. Can this be achieved with a low-gain overdrive such as a Walrus Audio Messner? I can sort of get a similar sound. I have a Hagström Tremar Super Swede with the using both pickups straight into a Vox AC4HW1 with the gain halfway, volume at nine o' clock, bass at 0, and treble halfway. It's close, but let's pose the following question:

Assuming a double-humbucker guitar goes into a stock, 100% clean amplifier with little tone- coloration, how can I achieve that tone with an effect pedal?
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sounds pretty clean to me. maybe a little compression?

EDIT: also sometimes clean tones are a dirty amp tone but with the guitar's volume control turned down to clean it up. so that'd be worth trying as well.
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sounds like a neck pickup into a fairly clean amp to me. it does have a slightly gritty sound to it. a clean boost set low or perhaps an EQ pedal with a level control. compression was likely used as well. since the next section goes into full on fuzz it's possible that it's a bridge pickup into a fuzz pedal with the volume on the guitar turned down enough that it cleans up the sound for the most part (old style fuzz pedals often have a bassy sound) . if you have a fuzz pedal ( more along the lines of a fuzzface than a muff) then give that a try
To get that sound I think a big part of it is technique, did a quick youtube search and it seems like the guitar player used a lot of finger picking and neck tapping in his playing, also looks like he plays a tele with single coils.

guitarsngear Great find! I really do like that video, but I'm currently doing a tab on the first song from the album I linked and Tim Collis (TTNG guitarist) doesn't do a lot of neck tapping. Fingerpicking...? Not sure.

monwobobbo Good point... However the main guitarist playing at the beginning is playing more of a distorted lead part. A second guitarist plays the sort fuzzy power chords and such.

Hey, thanks for the replies, guys. This help quite a bit!
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