Hey guys.

So i'm considering buying a jazzmaster again - i have had one before, an american thin skin which was really good.

Right i have a few options;

AVRI '62 metallic blue from 2001. Looks to be in decent condition - converted from Danish Kroner it's around 1200 USD / 1075 Euro which is a very decent price in Denmark

I could buy a new Mexican classic player, either the Lacquer (suft green or seafoam green nitro lacquer) or a road worn in 3tone burst - this is just about the same price.

Alternatively i'd check out some squiers and see if they're any good.

Currently i'm playing a '79 Tokai Breezysound and a Chapman ML-1 Bea. I'm not fussed about brands, but i want something that's of decent quality. And with the jazzmaster especially, decent pickups feels very important.

Nitrocellulose finish would be a nice bonus, i love the cracked relic'ed look, and i don't think that tends to turn out too well with poly finish.

TLDR: What's the differences between AVRI '62 Jazzmaster, classic player JM's and squier's JM models?