So my external soundcard decided to start bursting out static loud enough to damage my headphones as well as my ears. It met its unfortunate end at the hands of the living room wall.

As a bedroom bassist more than anything this is leaving me bassless, (I haven't owned an amp for about 6 years as I usually rely on either amp simulation on my PC or using whatever amps they have at the gig / studio / etc) so I'm looking for a new interface. At the moment I'm considering the Focusrite Scarlett which seems to be the industry standard but I was also wondering if there are any multi effects boxes or DI boxes that have both an aux-in (for my computer) and a headphone out for recording and practice.

I am also considering a nano-amp like the Hotone as that has the bare functions I need and will be useful for carting around to lessons, etc.

(Absolute maximum budget: £100, keen to avoid Behringer-tier kit.)
Looks like a powerful machine, I had a B2 back in the day.

Does the USB mean you can use is as a computer I/O? As in for recording or things like Guitar Rig?
I own an Apogee Jam 96k. It costs about $130 US new. Apogee is well known for high-quality recording and studio gear. The Jam is a very simple device with a hi-z (standard1/4 inch guitar/bass cable) input and USB connection to the computer, and a small knob to control input gain. It also comes with Lightning cables for Apple products such as iPad (Garage Band).

Prior to the Apogee I owned a Peavey Xport, and although it did the job for about half the price of the Apogee, the sound quality was just not the same. Just my 2 cents.
I suggest the Used market - a Digitech BP-8

The Aux in for Jam Along is there.

Phones out.

Tube Pre
Modulation Effects

Great tone.

Just got my 3rd one for $75 on Ebay.
I would suspect that this product made it to Europe

It blows away digital amp modeling.

I always use this, and will not do without it.
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smtp4me For the functionality, its a bit pricey. I've no doubt its a quality bit of kit though.

kabadi.man Thanks for putting me onto this. I may go with one of Zooms lesser models to save money; it doesn't need to be durable if it only sits on my desk.

Deliriumbassist You leave my money alone; you know what I'm like and I doubt you do financing. (Out of interest which DI is it?)

Sliide90027 Thorough as always. I'll look into this, it slots right into my budget.
I do do financing. But my terms are one single payment on delivery

It's a Dave Hall Amps VT1 Bass/Drive/EQ. Equipped with a 12AT7 valve, with a 3 band EQ, headphone out/Aux in/DI out, gain control, boost control, switchable wet/dry variable blend, and most importantly, used at the original Ultimate Guitar gig