(I've posted this in the Bass Forum as well for maximum results, it's on the urgent side of things.)

So my external soundcard decided to start bursting out static loud enough to damage my headphones as well as my ears. It met its unfortunate end at the hands of the living room wall.

As a bedroom bassist more than anything this is leaving me bassless, (I haven't owned an amp for about 6 years as I usually rely on either amp simulation on my PC or using whatever amps they have at the gig / studio / etc) so I'm looking for a new interface. At the moment I'm considering the Focusrite Scarlett which seems to be the industry standard but I was also wondering if there are any multi effects boxes or DI boxes that have both an aux-in (for my computer) and a headphone out for recording and practice. Of course an external soundcard/USB setup should be okay too.

I am also considering a nano-amp like the Hotone as that has the bare functions I need and will be useful for carting around to lessons, etc.

(Absolute maximum budget: £100, keen to avoid Behringer-tier kit.)
I do not recommend recording anything through an aux-in input (3.5mm, 1/8 inch) because computers often have shoddy A/D conversions. You need an external Audio Interface for USB connection. Read the introduction to recording sticky. With your budget, I think your only option is to get an Audio Interface. There are not many bass DI's with USB outs worth it in that price range. So I suggest the AI and use amp sims to get the sound you want. If you want to get a standalone bass DI with 1/4 / XLR outputs for PA's in the future, but hook it up to the AI, that will work fine.