Hi guys.

I tried changing the tubes (one seemed not good..) but it is still not working.
When it stopped working yesterday a burnt smell came (too hot smell, like something overheated?!). When I turn it off it is not making the sound that it usually did if I turned it off without leaving it on stand by for a few seconds (like a vacuum sound).

Do you know what it may be?
by saying DT, what amp do you mean?
He's got either a DT25 or DT50 Line 6 amp, I'm guessing.
Those are pretty good amps, but they're subject to all the same things that any other tube amp might be.

You DO have a speaker cable and not an *instrument* cable between the head and the cab, right?
Hey, yes I meant the Line6, sorry if I did not write it down. Another thing is that when the volume is turned all up there is no hum.
@spellman, yes, it's a combo and there is a speaker cable, I was wondering wether it could be the issue, but it's pretty strange since i smelled the "burned" and usually when this sort of cables die they don't produce smells (at least I haven't got this experience...).
Have it assessed by a tech.

If it was a full tube amp and you have a bit of electronics experience I would've suggested opening up the amp itself as the problem might be pretty obvious and the fix pretty straightforward. But anything with modeling CPU's may not be something any joe blow can readily fix.
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