First off, I hope this is in the right section. I didn't see anything in the "instruments" sub-forum for this. I apologize if it isn't.

Recently my mother was helping my grandmother clean her house and found an old harmonica that belonged to my great-grandfather. My mom gave it to me, knowing I have a little bit of musical talent. I thought it would be cool to learn to play, but I'm not really sure how to begin. It's easy to find beginner harmonica lessons online but the problem is that this thing is a lot different from those little ones that they show in all the lessons.

It's a Hohner Echo Elite. The thing is huge, about 7 3/4 inches (19 1/2 cm). It's double sided and has two rows of 24 holes on each side. A far cry from those little ten-hole harmonicas that all the online lessons show. One side is labelled C, and the other G, which I assume are the keys that it's in. If anybody here is proficient in the harmonica, is it still possible to learn this kind using the same lessons? Could somebody maybe point me in the right direction to start?

Also, seeing as how it's been collecting dust for decades (not to mention it's had other peoples' mouths on it) it would be nice to clean the thing before I go sticking my tongue all over it. Does anybody have any cleaning tips? I'm a little weary about disassembling something so old.

Any help you guys could send my way would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.