Arm is still hurting, and my physical therapist has strongly urged me to stop playing bass for a while. "At least give me a month!" he said. Well, no shows this week or next, and most rehearsals have been canceled, so maybe I can lay off a bit. But we did an experiment in one of my bands last week. Instead of bass guitar, I played bass on a keyboard. (24k magic lyrics)

Now, I'm not very good on keyboard. ("You're not that good on bass!" I hear a lot of you saying, and you're right!) I don't have the manual independence to play a bass line with my left hand and another line, or even chords, with my right. Not yet, anyway. I've been able to do that in the past, though, so there's hope. The notes sound like a keyboard to me. (starboy lyrics)
The sound doesn't vary, and a lot of the nuance that's there when I play bass guitar is gone. My timing could be better, too. On the other hand, the keyboard goes lower than low E. Could go another octave down, if I want it too. There's no floppy B string to worry about (as I said above, the notes don't vary). I can have any number of different bass sounds at the touch of a few buttons. I can add in a chord or two here and there, especially at the end of songs, and I'll bet that a lot of people will swear that I was doing it clear through the song. I can play the flute lick at the beginning and end of Can't You See. True, it's never going to sound quite like a bass guitar, but the reverse is true as well. In short, there's potential here.(we don't talk anymore lyrics)
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