This is what I received via FedEx today... I was number 3 in the IQ ....
This came extremely fast as it has only been like 3 days...

THANKS UG ... It is much appreciated....

1. D'Addario NS Micro Tuner
2. D'Addario Guitar Pro Winder
3. Box / set of 5 D'Addario NY XL Guitar strings .09 - .42

Thanks a lot! I'll be so damn fast changing strings from now on ...

EDIT: Man, this IS a huge picture. Don't be disappointed once you receive yours: it is smaller but works perfectly.
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Let me start with big thanks to UG for giving me guitar stuff for free! I'm really happy with new tuner. It works perfect for me and I definitely going to use it during gigs in future. I didn't try out strings yet but I'm going to change them in near future. However I tried cutter from the multi tool on copper cabel and it cuts pretty good So thanks again UG!
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Thank you UG so much for your kindness in doing this. As I've said before.....UG is "the" guitar site in the world and it proves it everyday. Please keep up the good work.

Just received a five pack of strings and a tuner...... thanks
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A pack of strings and a pro-winder arrived earlier this week. Thanks guys!

It's great to see that there is some variety
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8. maguri 560
9. Davetran 518
10. mendace 459

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