that you start wanking it in line.


A man who was recently released from jail after he was convicted of masturbating on two buses in downtown Seattle is now accused of performing the same act in the lobby of the King County Sheriff’s Office when he went to register as a sex offender.

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Why not he is about to register as a sex offender anyway may as well get some fapping in while he waits.
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masturbating on two buses in downtown Seattle
Sounds about right. I am surprised he made it onto the transfer though. I'm assuming this is the same incident and not two separate charges asked on the wording.

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I hate when this happens to me! Oh, man!
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If only he'd seen this poster:

EDIT: TBH, the guy does need the XP

Hardison, a Level 3 sex offender, is also facing a third-degree assault charge for allegedly spitting in a female bus driver’s face in Ballard in February, court records show.

He's only lvl 3, after all.
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I thought Seattle was supposed to be a bastion of love and tolerance?

I guess self-love doesn't count?
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Maybe he needed some ID when he was handing in the papers, but he didn't have it so he was just proving that he is indeed a sex offender.
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