Hey guys. I'm looking to dumb down my rig for easy set up and breakdown on stage. I have multiple pedals and rackmountable gear in a custom setup I control with a Rocktron midi mate and an Behringer FCB1010 pedalboard. The only issue is that I need another pedalboard in front of me for my wah, whammy, and looper.

Are there any all in one rack pieces that I can use my midi pedalboard to eliminate this second board? And one that actually sounds good? I know way from a midi expression pedal is not easy to achieve.

My band plays out regularly and I'm sick of running all the wires.
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dereksbrown Sounds to me like you'll need to either go into one of the floor multifx or maybe you're a prime candidate for modeling amps, or some kind of hybrid rackmount setup or midi controllable amp/processor setup that will be controlled via a single pedalboard.

The easiest would be Floor Multifx setup - look at the new offerings by Boss, Line6, etc. I am partial to Boss for the flexibility but maybe their modeling is not as good as some of the others.

The second easiest - Digital Rackmount Modeler is also a viable option. Look at AxeFx, Kemper, etc. It is probably the most expensive but you can use your current midi controllers, these could either be with power amp or you'd have to get a power amp to go with them.

Hybrid floor / rackmount setup can go in whatever direction you'd like. You can get a midi controlled preamp, like say a Sansamp PSA-1 and a Boss GT-10 which is what I currently use as my main setup. The PSA-1 is a preamp modeler and I wrap the GT-10 in 4 cable method around it so I get all my effects and switching from the GT-10. Granted, you need a power amp for that, I use Peavey Classic 50/50. This could be done with a variety of other guitar processors, but overall the interest for this has dropped. Some of the other programmable preamps that I know of: Marshall JMP-1, Avid Eleven Rack, ADA MP-1, Rocktron Prophesy and Piranha, DigiTech GSP1101, Tech 21 Sansamp PSA-1. I think there are some Engl, Hughes and Kettner and Mesa rackmount preamps, some of them have midi capabilities or could be wired to switch.

That could be done with a variety of amps as well, from what I know 2 channel amps in an analog way and midi switchable amps any way you'd like. Two channel amps switching could be programmed in Boss GT-10, GT-100, or the Line6 HD500 units in the 4 cable method, so the midi floor fx would do the channel changes and effects for you. I've also done this successfully recently with the Boss GT-10 and a Mesa Mini Rectifier, and back a few years ago I did it with a Marshall JCM900.

Rackmounted pedals with floor controller is yet another option. There are some switching units (Bradshaw, Rocktron, Voodoolabs) that can incorporate everything and put it on the floor for you in easy format. I think you might even be able to use your current midi floor controller. Basically the idea is to rackmount all your floor pedals and get a rack control unit, and do the switching from the floor. You might need to keep an expression and wah pedal on the floor but that could be an easy setup once you get everything secured in the rack.
Something like this:
paired with this (maybe the FCB1010 might do instead of this one?)

Midi controllable all in one amp - some companies did a take on hybrid tube and digital tech in one, the H&K Switchblade and H&K Grandmeister amps are midi switchable and come with tube and comprehensive effects as well, they could possibly be just the ticket by themselves with foot switch.

Once you narrow your approach, hit us back for more specifics.