I've had a few guitars throughout my life and have mainly avoided actually learning to play, opting to be self-taught.

This time, however, I am pushing forward and actually going to really learn how to really play (for reals, even!)

AND the other reason I chose the Dean Vendetta is the metallic black color of the body. I'm planning on doing some mods to the fretboard (undecided between crimson stain, or black stain with Red Devil red electric strings (which may look good... all black with red strings), and replacing some parts. Maybe crimson pinstriping on the body and neck.

I want to get a pickguard for the body. However, uncertain where to start. Is there even a pickguard that would work this guitar?

Also, any real reason I would want to keep the whammy? As a kid, they were cool. But really, that was the 80's.

Looking forward to this project. Might need to have a custom pickguard made. Any advice on where to look?


If you are not into the whammy then why not just buy a string through or tailpiece guitar and forego the obligatory loss of sustain? I mean the sustain loss is huge and thee are ways to improve it but if you are not going to use the trem then why purchase a guitar with one? If you don't want to use the tremolo you can always add more trem springs ( if it doesn't have 5 already) and adjust the spring claw which will keep it from moving.

You may be able to find an aftermarket Strat H/H pickgaurd that will fit you will just have to drill some holes to mount it.

FWIW I would have saved up another $150 or so and looked into a used MIJ Jackson which is miles above this guitar in every way, at this price point any guitar is going to be less than stellar especially Dean.
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