So as the title says I keep breaking the high e string. It always breaks right on the saddle. Of course I assumed that there was a burr or something so I got it filed. That didn't since the problem. I bought a whole new bridge just for the hell of it. Still breaking it. I went from a 9 to an 11 for the e thinking maybe it's just my playing. It's still happening! Any suggestions?? I play a lot of blues, A LOT of bending on the e. Do I dare go to heavier strings or is there something else. Also any suggestions for strings? I always use Ernie balls.

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Probably picking too hard. If you're having the same problem after repairing and replacing the bridge and using thicker strings, then there isn't much else you can rule out. Strings should be able to handle lots of bending, but picking too hard all the while will snap them. String breakage should be very infrequent.

If you have a video of your playing, we could see if there's some technique to be improved.
I suspect cdgraves is on to something. When I was young and aggro, I used to break bass strings right and left. Got expensive.