I ve been playing drums for a long time and i went pretty far in terms of metal (dream theater,tool,gojira stuff) but i recently started liking jazz and after a few months of listening i want to play now.How do i get started? Metal was pretty straight forward but jazz is a lot more complex.Should i take up a few lessons and books?
Firstly, you need to really understand swing, because most jazz is swing. There's of course loads of info on youtube et all about the basic jazz groove, and I'd recommend those to start.
Make sure to get accustomed to the feel of jazz, where the emphasis is rarely on the 1, and more often on the 2 and 4. Make sure to more often feather the bass drum instead of smacking it.
Accents, while one of the core things in jazz is the swing feel, Accents are just as important, these can be executed on any of your many drums, most often it will be on the ride cymbal or snare drum, as those are really the core of most drum grooves.

And yes, lessons will help you every single time. Not only from listening to someone who knows more, but also the fact that you will get accurate feedback. This is really important, especially when you're new to the genre.

A few books I recommend would be:
John Riley - The Art of Bop Drumming, Beyond Bop drumming. Both are really well thought out books, and will get you going in the first few pages, and then really challenge you by the end of it.
Jack DeJohnette & Charlie Perry - Modern jazz drumming. This is a bit more advanced, but if you struggle through it, you will be ready. DeJohnette is an absolute monster of a drummer. He has played with some of the biggest names in jazz.
George Stone - Stick Control for the Snare Drummer. This will get you really far when it comes to rudiments and accents. There's also a Gene Krupa drum method book around that will make sure you know all your rudiments when it comes to grooves and solos.

And of course, listen to jazz A LOT. Pay attention to just the snare for the song, then the cymbals, then the bass drum. And pay attention to the swing feel with each drummer. It's a bit different with everyone. Jack DeJohnette doesn't swing like Tony Williams doesn't swing like Elvin Jones.

Hope that helps.
beer bear thank you for taking the time and replying.gonna start with books in no time!