yes they can work as boosts for solos. If you want it to be a boost make sure it has a volume/level control as that is what will give you the volume boost, you can also use the EQ to accentuate mids and highs to make your solo stand out of the mix more.

The pedal you listed should work, both links are for the same pedal, so either one of the identical pedals should be equally as good.
guitarsngear thanks a lot, didnt mean the same links though. Could you tell me where to put this in my chain? I have a effects loop on my amp if necessary
It depends which channel you are running your amp on. If you are running clean then you can put it in front of the amp. If you are running dirty then you want to put it in the loop, hitting the front of a dirty amp Just gives more dirt but doesn't affect volume much. You can also put it in the loop if you are running clean as well.
guitarsngearthanks, would a distortion pedal work too? I have a ds-1 sitting around and at low volumes (about 2/10) it worked fine but when it came to high volumes it didn't seem to make a difference.
might as well try it if you have it sitting around, but even at very low gain settings you're probably getting a little bit of distortion out of a ds1... EDIT: probably safer to try it into the front of the amp.
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That Behringer unit will work fine. I would place the EQ/Boost in the effects loop of your amp if you can, that will keep the front input as clear as possible. If you place it in the front, you can end up with some unwanted distortion. The loop has much higher headroom. The distortion pedal can go in the front input chain as it is meant to push the front input of the amp.
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I don't know if I could recommend behringer
i think danolectro would be better.

Probably the same price point as well.
I've used a few Behringer pedals, and kept only one of them; they don't feel that sturdy, and I find most of them a bit noisy. A Danelectro Fish & Chips would be identically functional, a little more robustly built, and I think pretty close to the same price. I use one myself in the same way, and I'm happy with it.