Recently I asked some advice concerning the value of a second hand Jolana Kolor.
I thought it looked really cool, but I had no idea what it was worth. After trying it out I bought it, so I'll do a small review of it, might be useful for people who stumble across one since there's not a lot of info about Jolana guitars on the internet.

This guitar is called a Jolana Kolor, it was manufactured in Czechoslovakia in the early 1970s.
I believe they were common in East-Europe, but not at all in others parts of the world, so it's quite unique.
I live in Belgium and I had never heard of it, but I'm studying in Austria for a semester
and I found it second hand in a small store in the center of Vienna for 210 euros.

It's a semi-hollowbody with a cool Jolana headstock, 21 frets, solid hardware, quite a thick neck and two single-coil pickups, no idea which ones though.
Standard volume and tone knob, and a selector with 8 (!) different pick up settings.
The first 4 settings are pretty standard: neck pickup, bridge pickup, both in phase, both out of phase.
I'm not entirely sure what the other 4 do, they vary a lot in tone and volume, and kinda resemble the first 4.
The Bulgarian who sold it to me didn't know it either, but thought it had something to do with the condensator coils or capacitors
in the pickups being inactivated or something, if anyone knows let me know, I'm curious.

Condition: For a 40+ year old guitar, it's in good condition.
The finish is a bit worn but no real cracks, knobs work fine, pickups and bridge are fine, tuning knobs and nut are rusty but fine.
It plays really smooth, the neck is still in great shape.
Does it play as well as les paul? No, it doesn't, you can feel it's a 200 euro guitar and not top-notch
when bending, probably cause the fretboard feels a bit rough even though i cleaned it.

Sound: I haven't tried it on my usual amp yet, just through an old peavey so can't say too much about it, but so far I thought it sounded great.
The clean sound is very nice and sounds a lot like a strat. Not exactly warm, but crisp. With the tone rolled off a bit you can get a sweet jazzy sound.
Strumming and fingerpicking sounds very natural, I really like it.
With overdrive riffs sounds great on both pickups, the bridge pick up can go super trebly.
I think this guitar sounds great if you don't play sloppy. The biggest difference with my les paul studio (which plays super smooth)
is that I don't get away with crappy technique and lazy playing, it plays more difficult but sounds good if you play precisely.

Overall I'm really enjoying it and i think I payed a decent price for it, it's gonna be in good shape for a long time.
If you happen to come across one, give it a try!

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That thing is in great condition for it's age glad to hear it is working out for you, prior to your first post I had never heard of these definately not common hear in the U.S.

HNGD Congrats on getting a good yet uncommon guitar!
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Pretty cool looking guitar!

If nothing else, you scored a cool conversation piece and took a path seldom traveled. My your bravery be rewarded!.
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