second half of first solo there's some double bends on the 14th fret, B & G string.

Multiple tabs (including the book i have) has B string bent 1/2 and G bend full step.

Question, what fingers / techinque is best for that bend phrase? 2nd and 3rd finger OR 3rd and pinky?

Kind of a b1tch to get to speed and bounce back to 12 fret in-between bends....

Thanks in advance
If it were me, i find it easier to bend woth 3rd, so I'd do the whole bend with third and half with whatever is most comfortable (probably two) then use 1 for the next note IF its on a lower fret.
It's actually done with one finger. Barre both strings and bend both. The B will naturally bend less.

It's an old blues technique that he's using to great effect.
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