All the pictures I see online show the truss nut being centered but on three of my guitars they're resting to the back side. I feel like it's normal but they're also all fairly cheap guitars and I'm new to messing with the truss rod so I'm still unsure. http://imgur.com/a/YPqUY
Noctem_Aeternus Every electric guitar I have had has been that way. Cheap or not. Never affected playability and my necks never broke or anything.
Liaztraht Thank you for the confirmation. The only reason I was worried about it is because every picture I see online when searching "truss rod nut" shows a perfectly centered nut and it freaked me out seeing it on my newest guitar. But then I saw it on two more that play well and was less worried, but still curious.

Thanks again!
There are a couple of things to note here:

Yours pic shows a hex wrench type socket, so a spanner doesn't have to fit over it.

A standard Gibson-style truss rod compresses the wood in the back of the neck, against the greater resistance of the front of the neck and fingerboard, so it works efficiently by being close to the back of the neck.