Um, that's not so much a formal scale rather than an informal collection of notes.

What's the context?
A Bb B C is just chromatic stuff, not part of any one scale.

But yeah, what song is this "scale" used in?

Also, I don't think scales are the best way of understanding what's happening in music and why certain notes were used. If there are some notes that don't seem to fit any particular scale, it's usually best explained by harmony.
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Can't really say it's a scale but key of C minor with the addition of a chromatic run A, Bb, B going back up to the root?
But yeah, like Neo said, need context to tell anything useful.
If the backing is a groove on Cm(..) , say, then this could be heard as a fragment of C Dorian with a passing note (B) to the root, or could be someone is mixing up C Dorian and C melodic minor.

You need to qualify what these notes were being used against.
Yeah we need context. No context, no meaning.
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