What do you think is the use of it? I couldn't find any info.


Listen to it here but only from the one side:

Anybody knowing French let's explain why the emotion at the end of the video?

And the song when Enrico was young!
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. . . . . What do you think is the use of it? I couldn't find any info. . . .

One neck is for steel strings, the other is for nylon strings.

A bit daft though. . . . .
Honestly that's kind of stupid. Double necks are kind of silly to begin with outside of steel, but at least a 6/12, guutar/bass, guitar/mando, standard/open tuning, fretted/fretless, etc setup could have musical value. The one neck on either side thing is particularly impractical since the whole idea of double necks is to quickly switch between two different guitars/instruments during performance.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
stefanos604 First off, the 2 most famous 12 string songs, "Stairway to Heaven", and, "Hotel California" were never recorded with doubleneck guitar. Both tunes, used acoustic 12 strings in the studio, the doublenecks being pressed into servince so the songs could be performed live while maintaining the atmosphere of the studio tracks.

Second, and more importantly, acoustic 12 strings have a nasty habit of collapsing from string tension. (Tuned to concert pitch, a 6 + 12 would have over 400 (!!) pounds of string tension from both necks.

"Emerald" a composite guitar company has just released a doubleneck which features the possibility of long term survival, due to it's carbon fiber and resin construction.

Doubleneck guitar are in large part, performance gimmicks. AC/DC's guitarist had one with, (IIRC) seven necks, and Jimmy Page, has a 3 neck acoustic, one neck of which is a mandolin. Keep in mind this man can well afford another, should this one implode:

IDK if Mr. Nielson has a 7 neck guitar, or I'm simply outright wrong. But here he is with a 5 necker:

As for learning French to translate that song, oddly, that sort of sounds like your job.
However, what I can get somewhat easily from part the 1st line, "Lorsqu'Enrico, avec ce chant des migrants," is roughly, "Enrico with (=avec) the song (=chanta). of the migrants.
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Suppose you got one and found you only liked one of the necks? It would be like being stuck to a Siamese twin you couldn't get on with.

I've seen pics of a few doublenecks made that design. That particular one is interesting because it is a Selmer-Maccaferri type. The orignals were designed for use with very light strings.