Does anyone knows an template-expert in this forum...
Really I am having trouble making a blueprint of such an extreme body
shape like the jackson extreme-warrior (custom shop exclusive)
I managed to make a version of it (not so detailed or perfect)
but it's difficult to shape the bevels etc.
If anyone knows any further information or may help
please post.
Thanks for the advice kabadi.man . The information were really useful and i really appreciate them.
Also do you happen to know if this could happen ;
Make a guitar body of a six string model (bold on) , shape the neck poket for
a six string but before routing any other cavity (pickups,tremolo,etc.) decide
you need a sevenstring and just ? Make the neck pocket of a six to fit a sevenstring ?

Before saying something like dude you dont know what you want I note that this question is theorytical. The aim is just to know if my templates (sixstring templates) can work for making sevenstrings too