Hey guys,

I started a Jazz Transcription series on youtube where I want to upload one transcription every week.
So far Ive done a Nir Felder one last week and today one from Kurt Rosenwinkel.
If theres demand I might right some of them down as well and can share them if anyone is interested.
Other then that check it out:

Week 1: Bandits II - Nir Felder

Week 2: Conception - Rosenwinkel

Week 3: Presley - Julian Lage

Week 4: Cupcake-Peter Bernstein

Week 5: St.Thomas- Sonny Rollins

Im happy about any kind of feedback or critic regarding the video and/or of course the playing.

Have a good one
Hi Guys,

This weeks transcription is a Coltrane one. Its not the usual crazy fast "out there" Coltrane stuff.
Partly because I cant really pull that of in one week and partly because there is some beautiful lyrical playing from him in this one.
Hope you enjoy it

Week 7: Stella by Starlight - John Coltrane
Hi guys,

This is week 8! The whole project is still a lot of fun and even some people subscribed to my channel which I thought would never happen with just posting Jazz Transcriptions! (really ... who watches those =?? ;D)
Thanks a lot for watching the videos and leave a comment if you have
any thoughts about them.

This week I did this lovely Miles Solo from "Someday My Prince Will Come".
Its one of my favourite standards and the Coltrane solo later on probably my favourite solo.
But the Miles one is also beautiful in the way he "re-phrases" the melody so gently !

Week 8: Miles Davis - Someday My Prince Will Come
Man this is brilliant. Please please tab out or put out written transcriptions. Great playing, too!
Tickle me.
On a little brake with the Transcriptions cause I got more busy playing with the quartet
But here a little snippet in the meantime

Heres a little clip from my last quartet gig. Visual is not great but its sounds alright ! We tried this lovely little Bill Evans Intro there.

#jazz #standards #guitar # autumnleaves
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Quote by Reinima

Hi, I recently trancribed Caravan by Wes. Hope you like it

Amazing! Thank you very much!