This thread seemed to be the closest I could find to ask a question about singing techniques. I'm not a professionally trained vocalist in any way but I do lead vocals with my rock group (each member sings lead and backups). I have been making a serious effort to set time aside and practice my vocals at home, same way that I have with guitar for many years. One area that I really need some work on is my higher register. I can hit high screams like in the beginning of Finding My Way by Rush and it sounds decent, high screams like with Cinderella and early Rush and some Zeppelin I can handle but when it comes to maintaining my head voice when I'm singing along to Slaughter or Firehouse or Styx it doesn't sound appealing IMO. I'm not getting a full tone there. It's very treble based if that makes any sense, it sounds like all of my tone is coming from my head and nothing from my chest/diaphragm when I move into that range. I also lose volume compared to my lower register/speaking voice, my singing voice gets quieter in those higher notes and sounds really compressed.

I'm trying to help diagnose this problem with my upper register the best I can in words. Are there certain exercises or routines that I should start doing in order to help add more tone and volume to my head voice? Should I practice singing while standing or sitting? Position my head a certain way while singing?