Went to guitar center to have my strat checked make sure things are fine(fine tuned the neck and saddles). SO I'm fartin around and this almost musicman super sport caught my attention, it was black with a Floyd rose bridge, maple neck. It sure caught my eye, so I plugged it in a small Blackstar 20w amp and started playing, wow what a setup, I nearly walked out with the amp an guitar lol.

Anybody have one of these EVH wolfgangs?

I would have preferred a rosewood neck, going to do some research with these guitars and maybe get one!
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I don't think any of the EVH branded guitars came with rosewood fretboards. I own a MiJ EVH wolfgang special HT, along with a USA peavey archtop wolf & EBMM axis. The EVH special is a pretty decent guitar but a little on the pricey side for an axe with a veneer top :P

Out of the 3, my Axis is the best feeling & player but I _love_ the archtop on the Peavey!
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