I have an Ibanez V70CE acoustic guitar with a saddle that's 8cm long. I ordered a TUSQ PQ-9276-CO saddle to replace it with, but the TUSQ is 3 inches/7.62 cm long, and therefore a tiny bit shorter in length than the original saddle.Would it be a bad idea to go ahead and install the TUSQ saddle since it's shorter than the original saddle, or does it not matter much? Will any tone, volume, or anything negative happen to my guitar's sound or feel?

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I would think the thickness of the saddle would the the most, (if not the only), important issue. As long as it's making full contact with the transducer, and not leaning toward the head stock, it should be OK. OK, unless you're a really hard strummer, in which case it might shift to the side from time to time

Ibanez is developing a nasty habit of making the specifications for their parts, proprietary.

This is truly evident with their, "Advantage" bridge pins, which appear to be of a large diameter, and also having splines. The material involved, cheap plastic, places the value of a set somewhere near 3 bucks for all six. The proprietary nature of their specifications, allows Ibanez to place the list price at 6 dollars EACH.

If you're truly concerned, and if you have a local hobby shop, they usually stock very small sizes of hardwoods for such things as model ship building a you could shim the ends so the saddle doesn't slip from side to side. (I know, "a local hobby shop", right. But apparently, hope is "springing eternal" from here).

With that being said, it does depend on how skillful you are, if you have the tools, and how much you value your fingertips, to be able to shape larger stock into such tiny pieces.
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