Love the melody at 1:45 it reminds me of the song on Punch Out for NES (epic, triumphant sounding!). Really digging the song. I write instrumental metal as well and am enjoying this very much. Good mix of slow, fast, tension, release, melodies vs soloing. You got a very nice mix to keep it interesting.

Do you have soundcloud?

Oh I really like the drum mix too especially the kick drum and the bass. Everything sounds tight actually. I bet you could find a slightly better guitar tone though.
Hey man, great song! I like everything about it but I'll only go in detail about the constructive criticism. Overall it's great.

Is the count in necessary at the beggining?

The two clean guitars have pretty similar tones.. I feel that a slightly different sound would be beneficial and would make each part jump out a bit more

Maybe it's because I'm not a metal guy but does the solo start too fast too quickly? It seems that a slower buildup would help with the rising action of the song.

Maybe it's my speakers but the tone of the heavy guitar at 1.18 seems a bit brittle. Could be deep, I think.

Why no orchestral accompaniement at the end? It's crying out for it!

The clean guitars are just tasty as hell,great job on those, and the track itself is good too+the audio quality. But try to find better guitar tones, they sound a bit "cheap" when compared to the rest of the mix. Nice programming on the drums too, but bring up the snare a bit as it currently gets buried.

Overall, good job!

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