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I play acoustic classical guitar, however I have an electric guitar as well that I on occasion play, so I have an amp for it. When I started classical I already had the electric so I tried it out on my classical. I got an interesting but cool sound, especially with pedals but the ones I have are meant for electric and drown out the fact that its an acoustic a bit too much. I went over to guitar center, grabbed an acoustic electric classical, and asked a guy to let me see some of the pedals. He asked me what style of music I was playing and I said classical, and he said how no one really uses these for classical and showed me a pedal specifically for classical, as well as an amp. I had no idea these were things so I went and tested them out. All they really did was amplify and add some very clean effects like chorus and delay. It was cool but I really wanted to add some cool trippy effects to classical guitar.

Anyway, is there an amp that anyone knows of that amplifies acoustic well but doesn't keep it too clean sounding? Along with that, I'm very interested in some pedals that would work for a sound that still sounds acoustic but has some cool effects.
i don't play classical (and i haven't tried these amps) but i think the peavey vypyrs work with both electrics and acoustics (whether they'd work with classicals too I dunno). and rivera did one for both electrics and acoustics but it's a lot more money.
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Maybe a wah, phaser or flanger. Try them out. You can also get a tuner (it's pretty convienient if your already using pedals) and a volume pedal.
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Try a phaser into one of those old analog delays. Should work some spacey magic. I don't know how you'd incorporate a volume pedal into classical playing, but I'm sure it will be cool.

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