Heya all..ive recently purchased a pair of d'activator x pups for a more than reasonable price..though i havent heard these pups in person (only thru social media) i do have the original d'activators in a guitar and i really like them hence my new purchase..
My question is- which guitar would be best suited to these pups? I own a few handfuls of guitars and i use active and passive pups..is there a wood type including the neck wood that would help give best resonance? Ive collected a great bunch of axes mostly japanese and korean instruments ranging from Cort mgm to rg550 to dean stealth and ml 79 to dbz bird of prey jacksons some nice esp ltd fender stagemaster etc etc any advice welcomed cheers..
Im mostly playing high gain material if that helps \m/
I don't know if there's a particular wood that would be better than others. I know some will argue with me over this, but I don't think electric guitar wood really makes that much of a difference, or at least not a consistent enough difference as to plan around.
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^ Agreed.

I'd just put them in whatever guitar you like the most out of the ones you own.
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Put them in whatever you want to play them in. it's just that simple.
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I use them with a Gibson Les Paul, because I always wanted a "metal" les paul, but didn't want to do what everybody else does and use emgs (that are active) because that would be a waste of a lp imo... Plus, the DAx's are very bass pickups and can be very clean with the volume down... The result is extremely pleasing
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I have no experince with the D'Activator X but I have a pair of D'Activators in my XPT700 and they sound damn good, playing high gain the effect that wood type will have on your tone will be negligable and it's doubtful you will even be able to notice. Load them into a great player and you'll be set.
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I can relate! I too own an xpt700 orig release 07 neck thru..and that is exactly where my d'activator experience comes from..im not generally an indo made guutar man..but apart from the strap button positioning theyre incredible guitars..specs very similar to some jap made prestige models (which i stand by) ..im actually literally playing my fender squier stagemaster as we speak and its a close contender over an rg550 and an washburn mg44 atm :/ cheers for your input ?