This problem started after i installed GP6 crack version and some sort of a registery file and stops the automatic updates in the program itself so i don't know if that has something to do with it.

Anyways, the problem here is that i can't get the default midi sound out of guitar pro 5 due to not be able to choose Ms GS software wavetable synth as a midi output. Anyone here happens to know what could be the problem exactly and how i could actually retrieve the Microsoft GS software wavetable synth as a midi output.

Also before someone mentions or suggests the following things, i'm going to clear them out:

-RSE won't come into a question as i hate that sound, i want the regular midi that GP5 has as a default which is the MS gs software wavetable synth as that sounds best imo.

-Any other virtual synth program such as Coolsoft's midi synth won't be ok either as i don't like that sound, still i want the ms gs synth.

-I have a tuxguitar also, also that doesn't sound as good and i wish you could use the MS gs synth with it.

Also i've tried to reinstall the GP5 but that didn't solve the problem. I've also downloaded the SWmidi.sys file manually and dragged it into my system32 folder, didn't work.

For some reason also when i try to click the windows volume control, nothing opens nor happens, might have something do with the issue too.

Well here's everything i can tell right now, probably the last step that would work is just to reinstall whole windows, but i try to meanwhile solve this another way.

Edit: Reinstalled windows and got the MS synth back and working, this thread can be deleted.
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