[Noob] My guitar tone sounds very bad when recording through a Scarlett 2i2 ... Advice? Recording inside...

Okay, so I have a S2i2 hooked up to my Cobolt CO4 Mic via XLR. I have the mic placed facing the netting/grill of the amp(Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 with the 6505 setting on). I'm running the FocusRite to my mac via USB of course. I have headphones hooked up to the FR, the sound is pretty decent from the phones, but when in Garageband, I get this soundhttps://soundcloud.com/user-865469267/focusrite-test/s-W63iF which is way worse than what I'm hearing from my headphones.

I've already tried messing with the amp settings, lowering gain, moving the mic, etc... I always get something alike to the tone above. I did a vocals test, they sound pretty good, I'm just not sure that I'm doing everything correctly for recording the amp.

Advice, tips, stories? Am I doing something wrong?