so Paul Wardingham put out his new song , and I think it sounds awesome, like all his other stuff lol didn't expect any less. He put out the tabs to the arpeggio section and i'm trying to learn them, so My quesiton being about the chord progression/arpeggio used. I can't seem to find out where the last E maj arpeggio comes from from a harmonic stand point. I really enjoy the sound of the change so i was wondering if anyone could figure out what was going on.

I don't know... I don't think it sounds that good in that context. Or it would if the next chord was for example Am and it modulated to A minor or something. But it doesn't. It is (kind of) a "random" non-functional dominant chord. To me it feels like he's wasting the "potential" of that chord - he could have used it to make some progress in harmony and not just stay in C minor all the time. Just my opinion of course.
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yeah, maybe he's playing the E maj arp over a diff chord in the harmony?
or it could just be random?
Cm | | Ab | Fm |
Cm | | Ab | E7 (starts with a D)

If it's supposed to be a "weird" substitute for Bdim7, I get it, but it still sounds a bit forced.

Bdim7: B-D-F-Ab
E7: E-G#-B-D

they share three notes.
I would attribute it to just being "random"honestly. It definitely sounds out of key, which makes for an interesting little change up.

Nice cover too ^^^!