Anyone got any suggestions for songs to know for an open mike night, jamming with strangers etc?
Any 12 bar blues. Jazz standards.
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(1) 12-Bar blues songs with some variations on it (eg: IV chord in var 2 instead of the I chord)

(2) Jazz Standards

(3) Tunes with a I-V-vi-IV progression (from Green Day's 21 Guns, Glycerince's Bush, Echosmith's Cool Kids, along with tons of other pop, punk, and rock songs.)

(4) Popular songs from your genre (Aerosmith/Zeppelin/Sabbath for classic rock; Green Day/Nirvana/Jet for newer rock; Metallics/A7X for metal; so on and so forth)
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The most important things are to do songs that everyone knows well and has very few changes. Depending on where you live that will change. Well known blues tunes usually always work. If you are doing an open mic night kind of thing you'll get more chances to play if you can sing even a little or just a song or two.. There is always a lot of players standing around waiting to get up and just play solos but not nearly as many players who also sing. Learn to sing a few basic three chord blues songs and you'll be called on often.
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