I am new on this forum and I am here to get experience from the seniors on this forum.
I work as a marketing manager at a marketing agency *link removed by mod* in Los Angeles, Ca. I am also interested in singing that's why I am here.

I can sing beautifully but I also want to learn guitar techniques and don't know where to learn about it. Can anyone tell me any online platform or any school in Los Angeles to learn guitar? I'll be very thankful.
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If you're having trouble finding an instructor in Los Angeles, you aren't looking. Go on craigslist. Visit a guitar shop. See a jazz show and chat with the musicians afterward. LA is easily one of the top music cities in the world - you could probably find a teacher by asking random people on the sidewalk.

Also, your link looks a lot like advertising, so you might want to remove that. Though since you're "awaiting email confirmation", I'm thinking that might have been the whole point of your post. Odd that an LA marketing firm would have a Colombian domain...
Yea there's literally no reason whatsoever for you to include that link.
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