I saw this old Gvox Guitar Pickup at a thrift store for $3USD and I had to pick it up.
This thing seems to remind me of the newer Roland GK-2 pickups that are sometimes found on a Fender Strat. I was wondering if someone knew more about this unit? Is it an older form of a MIDI pickup? Or is it something else?
Also, is it possible to use this on a modern computer by using a Serial Connector to USB? Or do I need to pull out my 20 year old laptop to run this?
Thanks! Any help on this weird piece of tech would be appreciated!
From what I gather you're missing a piece that you plug the pickup into that plugs into your computer brah.
Check out this reverb ad that this dude has, you can see the original packaging has a box that the pickup plugs into.
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It actually is complete in the box with all the connectors, box and software. So it is complete!