Can someone tall me how to read this tab?0/(2)? What does the (2) mean? Same for the (3)?
also how do you slide from a 0?

this is from Joy of my life by John Fogerty.

Any help will be appreciated.



(Riff.1) ----------------------.1| (Riff.1a)2|


B|---------------0-/(2)------5-p-3-p 0-----------|----------------





2nd Time (Riff.1a)
Just play an open and then slide up to the (3) I assume this is done by playing the open and then (I guess) a gentle hammer on straight into a slide?
Ive never come across this in a tab before, best suggestion would be to start the slide from the nut? so like, sort of hammer on the nut instead of the first fret which should stop it being such an abrupt note change, I hope that makes sense but its the best I can describe it...
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This song is played with slide guitar so perhaps that's their way of indicating to slide from the lowest part of the neck.
The tab is not very accurate, you should be aiming for the 4th fret, not the 3rd.
I would just write it as / 4 , no 0 before.
This means pick a note below the 4th fret (the exact note is not specified and doesn't matter too much) and slide up immediately.

Ideally you'd want to play it on a slide guitar but if you want to play it on a normal guitar you can pick and slide from the 2nd fret to the 4th, that will work. However I find this sounds best on a normal guitar played with a bend at the 2nd fret.

Presumably the notes in brackets are supposed to be 'ghost notes', i.e. ones which are barely played. I would just ignore them, the (2) is incorrect anyway. Also ignore the second 0 on the B string.