EDIT: I apologise for this thread, and feel so stupid at the moment.

I was certain over the time I have had the amp, I have tweaked the EQ settings constantly to no avail-just now, I simply plugged straight into the amp, and set the Mid and Treble to around 2 O'clock, and the Bass down to about 9-10 O'clock, and I am finally happy with the setup.

I really thought there was a problem with my amp or cab, but it was such a simple thing causing it to sound so muffled. I am very pleased though and feel like it was a worthy upgrade to my previous amp.
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You were using an instrument cable instead of a speaker cable?

The family of cockroaches you were renting the cab to put in soundproofing and grew to insane proportions?

The cabinet was filled with packing peanuts?

One of the speakers was disconnected?

Too much earwax buildup?

You finally took it OUT of the flight case?

You realized that the side with the cloth was NOT supposed to be tight against the wall?

Etc., etc.

Do tell. Perspiring Minds Want To Know.

Hi dspellman- I bought this amp for myself as a treat after having some medieval issues that unfortunately left me with some lasting damage up top to cheer me up at the time.

I was using a speaker cable, it is a closed back cab so no peanuts in their, I am pretty sure the speakers are all wired correctly - ear was build up could br a possibility but I can hear in other areas so think that is OK lol.

What I was finding was the amp would not sound good unless I run a Zoom G5 in front of it-my previous guitar tutor had one and it sounded fantastic compared to mine. I was so sure I had tried every EQ setting possible on the amp, but yesterday, I thought I will give it one last go , slightly raising the mid and table to around 2 O'clock, and receding the bass.
Now, at lower volumes the amp really rocks-and I am extremely happy with it. I can't believe it has taken me 7 months to figure this out, but I a happy nonetheless I have an amp that sounds great too me, at volumes that won't annoy the neighbours ( I can play fairly loud at home, just not full on as that is still very loud in my small room.

so, I feel an idiot for taking so long to realise, but am happy it finally sounds like reviews of the amp which was what made me buy it .
Depending on the EQ design of the amp, running the bass up too high can waste power by making the amp try to reproduce notes that the speakers can't handle. Bass players have long since worked this out (well, the good ones have...). They use something called a high pass filter that cuts off everything below a certain frequency. That leaves the amplifier more power to deal with what *can* be reproduced.

Most guitar speakers fall off rapidly below 100hz and above 4000hz. Guitars actually produce sounds beyond that in both directions (a low E on a six-string is 82Hz and harmonics go well above 4000) but manufacturers make more money selling medieval setups.

Adjusting your EQ to take advantage of mids and low mids and eliminate anything the amp tries to output below 100hz will give your whole setup a lot more punch.