I would like to do some pedal demos, but I can`t really mic an amp, so I do pretty much all DI. If I run a pedal through an amp sim like Amplitube, will the original sound of the pedal come through, or will it sound like Amplitube or Guitar RIg anyways?
an easy solution would be to try it out on the amp and then try it out using a DI and using your ears to see if there's a difference.

You're honestly in the best position to answer that question.

(should be similar)
I would say no. A pedal hitting the front end of your Audio Interface into an amp sim is going to be different than a pedal hitting the front end of a physical amp. You can probably still get good results tonally with high-end software and hardware but I do not think the demo would be listened to for critical analysis of the unit. Units like Kemper, Helix, Axe-FX would take pedals more amp-like, though.

It is worth a try though. Get back to us.
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It really depends. If you're doing something like modulation pedals or delay pedals I find they can work okay depending on the patches you're using on your VST.

Overdrives tend to be a bit more of a hit and miss IMO. Some overdrives work okay but I tend to find most of the ones I've tried sound more compressed and less bassy when I'm trying them through a VST so its probably not the best representation of that pedal.
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I guess it could be done with some kind of clean sim chain but I am not sure it would be very representative as to what the pedals could do in the real world.
Like H4T3BR33D3R said, time effects would probably do much better than effects that are supposed ot be in front of the preamp chain.