So I used to play acoustic guitar a fair bit and as a result have a Tanglewood T6 60W amp. I've stopped now and recently invested in a VHT Classic 18 tube amp. Now I'm not a big fan of the spring reverb on this amp (just doesn't quite cut it for me) however, the Tanglewood has a really nice digital hall reverb built into it (and a couple of other less notable effects). Now I am wondering if I can plug my guitar into the Tanglewood, then run it out to the VHT, so it picks up the reverb on the way. I've got either a line out or headphone out from the Tanglewood, then I've got a Hi and Lo input for the VHT (along with possible the in/outs for an effects loop). Can I do this without damaging the amp (either) and if so, which in/outs should I use? I've thought about just getting a decent reverb pedal but I'm pretty poor at the moment so I need a temporary fix.

Edit: Also, what EQ should I use, the tanglewood or the VHT? Or should I just fiddle around with both?
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You are asking for trouble, you cannot . Get a reverb pedal for. Your tube amp. A cheap one is the Electro Harmonix holy grail. Something more complex would be tc Electronic hall of fame. I like spring reverb.
Buy a reverb pedal.
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that would be a mistake. +1 to buy a reverb pedal. there are some cheap ones that would do the job well mooer, joyo, etc.
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Why cant he run the headphones into the lo-input with the volume super low in the first amp or the line out into the effects return?
It's a silly idea and I'm guessing the results won't be great.
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Why cant he run the headphones into the lo-input with the volume super low in the first amp or the line out into the effects return?

He can.

It's not likely to produce good results, but it's physically possible.
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I've done the lo-input option a lot with mp3 players. The sound is good but it does produce a fair amount of distortion when the power/volume is turned up. The line out into the fx return sounds a lot like amp slaving and if the line level is correct for the return of the second amp, it should sound ok. Im always a little worried about running a line out into the front end of an instument amp but it might sound good as long as the line level can be turned way down by the volume control.