So usually I write and play doom, black metal, and punk, but decided to step into death metal. I have been working on one song today just to get the hang of it.

Its mostly a rough sketch of what I am going for.

Any tips on composition or general writing tips?

Thanks in advance!

First, I would say ditch some of the tremolo picked buts. There was a chugging part at the end that was cool. Do more like this. Anyway, important death metal composition techniques:

- Modulation - Play a riff and then play it again in a different key by basically just shifting up or down frets. Shifting up a third (either third) is great but there are lots of options. Sometimes jumping through a few keys could be good. Modulating individual phrases within riffs is also good.

- Development - It is very important to develop ideas, and perhaps more important to blend ideas. Play a riff and then modulate it. Play another riff that may or not be related but sounds good after the first riff. Now try and make a riff that combines elements of the first two. Rinse and repeat. So a song might be structured like this:


AB is the Riff that combines elements of riffs A and B. Notice how there is not a ton of repetition and when there is it is not really in a particular order. Creating contrast between riffs and in tonality and tempo is very important as well. Abrupt tempo changes in either direction can be very effective.

Also listen to Suffocation a lot. They are the ones that created the foundation for modern death metal. You can never listen to Effigy of the Forgotten too much.
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Awesome! thanks man. Got some work cut out for me!
I will also definitely be incorporating slams as well into my writing for some serious contrast.

But I always considered Suffocation to be more of a classic
Suffocation is a classic but they create the blueprints for everything modern.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.