Cool song! I like the heaviness and charge ahead feel it has. Performances are solid and vocals are fitting (had trouble making out some of the lyrics but enjoyed it anyway). I like how it slows down at the end too, sounds good. Listening on monitors - production sounds fine, my only critique is I think the drums could sound 'bigger' for the sound you guys have (although I'm partial to a fat snare). Writing is good - you could maybe benefit from a change up somewhere but I enjoyed it as is.

Overall, good track! Got anything else?

I really like the high energy, but I'm finding it hard to hear everything/anything in the mix clearly. The singer has got the energy on the vocs, but they are not clear, so I cant really hear anything that is being said/sung. I sort of like the tune, its catchy, and would benefit from a better quality of recording/mix. However, we dont all have access to that, so well done putting out a catchy tune with what you have !


Ooo shit, this is super awesome - totally my cup of tea!!! Reminds me of Bikini Kill <3! I love the raw garage-rock production, it really suits the song and adds sincerity to its message. I like the FX on the vox, kinda gives it that vibe of someone shouting angrily through a megaphone; which is punky and cool. Also the slow down at the end goes well in the track.
Well...Couldn't really decipher the vocals, but that doesn't matter much! I love the energy in this and the production fits the genre, although I'd prefer a bigger snare. Great job,nevertheless!

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