Hello, so, it's like pretty much every other thread, but I got an audio. Kinda bad one, but it's there for you to check out.

I have to add some things just for the record:
1) I'm practicing vocals for around 4 months now (of honest and aware practice). Started pretty late, but I never thought I had a voice for that... :p So now I'm trying really hard to get there somehow... don't be too harsh on me, please... (:

2) My technique still requires a lot, like support (I'm doing it wrong and I'm aware of that, I'll be taking some lessons on that soon enough), also my throat seems not to get open enough, train my pitch hearing and some other issues that I'm finally aware of and it's not the case of the topic, so please, spare that (unless you have some exercises that could help me and I could benefit from them, just saying I'm bad would be like "meh, thank you cpt. obvious..." :p ).

Other than that, I've been taking lessons from 2 teachers for like 2 months (right after starting my journey).

Teacher #1 on the first lesson called me a lyric baritone, yet on our last session he said, that I might be a higher voice (as I managed to reach an full chesty A4 after month of practice).
Teacher #2 called me a bass voice, as I could reach the low E2 somehow, but after all, he said that I am lyrical baritone.

I left both of them, because they didn't even tried to teach me to use diaphragm nor support. I'm learning it now on my own.

And I'm asking what do you think, only because I'm curious whether I am lyrical baritone or baritenor (or robust tenor or heldentenor, you name it, I believe it's the same thing after all), but it doesn't change the fact, that I'll still practice, even if I'd get called a bass again, hahah... No, actually drop it to work in the radio station... :p

Sorry for the overall bad quality (especially, since it's been recorded with 5$ headphone mic): https://soundcloud.com/user-944408154/let-it
Your teachers should know better, you don't have enough training to have your voice classified yet. Even in terms of weight, it is a very malleable component, and most singers can adjust to a certain degree when they have the technique.
Also, never sing with earphones on. Please don't ever do it, ever... unless they're moniters.
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I mean, yeah, You are right, and actually, the first of them (which considered me "a higher voice", whatever he had on his mind) told me, that it's far too early to say, I thought that maybe now, when my technique has improved after some placement exercises, etc. it might be finally possible to tell :p

And about earphones - I don't, too oftenly, anyway... :p I'm still training my ears (that's why I'm missing notes at times, and wanted to show some highs tbh), I've spent my whole life playing guitar... from tabs, which's a fail, but eh, there's always time to fix previous mistakes.

Thank you for reply, really appreciate it GoldenGuitar! (: