Hey, i have a boss DD-3 digital delay and now i wanna upgrade my delay pedal, so, which one do you guys reccomend when it comes down to Tc electronic Flashback X4 vs tc electronic flashback triple delay vs strymon timeline vs tc electronic alter ego X4.

Im looking forward to a delay pedal that is briliant and applicable when it comes down to either studio or live performances. If you have any good suggestion please tell me! Oh yeah the reason i need opinions from you guys is because the timeline is too expensive. I wonder if the flashbacks qualities can match it, thanks!
Out of those I'd say the Strymon is best in class. But they are expensive (£400-500, which is double the TC ones) and need a high mA to power them.
Haven't tried those TC pedals, but I do have 2 regular Flashbacks and they are a very solid delay pedal - so assume the expanded versions are the same.

So basically any of them will do a very good job imo, but the Stymon from what I know/experienced does have more functionality and sounds slightly better.
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I've had the Flashback X4 and the Timeline. The Timeline is hands down the better better. More options and it sounds better.

However, if you don't see yourself needing more than 3 presets and you don't see yourself using the more exotic delay types the Timeline offers, the X4 is a solid choice. I wouldn't use it in the studio, as I think there are DAW plugins that can take care of delay better than the X4, but I'd use it live (and have) without a problem. The main reasons for me to swap to the Timeline were the preset system and because I wanted to have more options in sound. That said, if you're looking for a long delay for leads, a slapback delay for cleans and maybe a reverse delay for something a little more out there and that's it, the X4 will do you great as well.

The Timeline, on the other hand, has a lot more in depth control (unless you go with TonePrint and really dive into it) and has some really nice modes in the Ice, Filter and Lofi. Also really nice is the Feedback Loop option. If the looper is a factor, that's a lot nicer on the Timeline as well, certainly once you add an extra MIDI-controller, so you have reverse playback and whatnot. It's also easier to activate on the go than on the X4.
I have a TC Triple Delay and am quite happy with it, out of the box the tones are quite usable and sound good, however if you want to tweak things you can use the tone print app and have a lot of control over tweaking of tone and settings, you can even customize the knob controls and sweep parameters. I went with the triple because I use it for P&W music and have always used stacked delays, this pedal allowed me to continue to do that but with one pedal, also made tempo syncing easier.

If you don't need to stack the delays then the X4 is a great option and you get a looper function which the triple does not have.
I think the TC units are more "traditional" delays with a lot of functionality, but the Timeline is a different beast altogether. It can definitely do traditional delay sounds, but it has a lot more capability on tap. If you just need normal delays, get one of the TC units. If you want the magic the Timeline offers and an empty wallet, Strymon.