Not really related to guitar stuff at all, but I figure this would be the best place to ask.

A while back I bought a Raspberry Pi to run emulators of NES, SNES, 64, Playstation, etc. and had to buy a buy a micro USB power supply rated at 5V 2A. I wasn't really paying attention to the length when I ordered it and it's 3 feet long, which is fine for most circumstances, but when hooking it up to a TV with the socket fairly far away it's not quite cutting it. I've got an old micro USB to USB type A cable that the micro usb end is screwed up on and was thinking about cutting off both ends splicing it in to make it 6 feet long.

The thing is I'm wondering if having the cable 6 feet long instead of 3 will cause a significant voltage drop or any other problems? I see that there are 6 foot micro usb power supplies available to purchase, but I was wondering if the length of the cable is taken into account on the power ratings, or if 3 feet vs 6 feet is insignificant? I'm assuming it'll be fine, but wanted to double check before I get to cutting and soldering cables and end up having to put it back the way it was and end up with and ugly mess for no reason.
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