So, I had this idea. It's probably been done before but I have more free time than I know what to do with. I have a tiny old honeytone amp I got like four years ago, and I got bored and took it apart. Turns out, it's the perfect size to fit into my electric/acoustic guitar! How bad would I screw up my guitar if I installed this little amp into it? Also, any tips on how I can pull this off? I'd add pics but my computer wont load them right :^(
Tony Done

The amp and speaker! I drilled the holes in a few minutes ago (It hurt so much watching that happen) but I have to get a new amp in a few weeks b/c my dad messed mine up some how? I'll make sure to update when I get it done though!
I've tried this this exact thing with electric guitars and can't get it to work because the honey tone speaker is not magnetically sheilded. It just feeds back the sound of the pickup magnets. I am interested in your results