Hi everyone.

I got a Zoom G5 multifx to go along with my backstair HT5 metal following advice on here, and really enjoy using it, although i own a couple of effects pedals such as a boss CE5 chorus pedal.

Most of the time, I run a tubscreamer style boost effect innto the dirty channel of my amp, with low settings but his seems to improve the sound I hear, and a noise gate.

Would I be better off getting separate pedals and keeping the G5 for when I want some more strange sounds and recording, and for practice using real effects pedals infront of the amp?
I already have a power supply for 7 pedals, just am not sure which would be best for me to do.

thank you all for your help, Conan.
a real overdrive will sound better in front of your amp. time based fx from the Zoom unit will likely be fine. in the end sound quality will depend on your amp's ability to reproduce the sound accurately. your blackstar is fine for practice but isn't a great platform to show off fx.
It will also depend on the quality of the pedal. Some pedals are just bad.
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+1 to both of the posts above. I'd think that real Tubescreamer might sound a bit nicer, but it may not be a big difference given that you run it as a boost.

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