I have a Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom lite (120th anniv. edition, 2014) and using this with a Suhr Riot distortion pedal and a Laney Cub 12 tube amp.

I am finding difficulties in getting a smooth distortion (more towards the creamy side) but with some good gain and at the same time cut-through a mix with my band (we are playing rock/hard-rock/pop).

Although i am using also an EQ pedal after the Suhr Riot, i find my sound a bit harsh (or squashed) as if I am having too much compression or my sound is somehow "peaking". If i lower highs and distortion my sound is then just invisible in a mix. Just to add a not too much complicated mix.

I reckon my problem could be on the height of my strings (2.5mm at the bridge which is quite standard), the Riot itself (maybe too much high-gain pedal?) or the amp itself that gets quite a lot pushed by my configuration.

Any ideas on where to start or might be a good solution?
some amps only like so much gain out front. I have ran into that before on some smaller amps.

Some pedals and amps don't get along.

for example, OCD's are very fussy pedals. from my experience, i found very few amps that worked with one. I ended up dumping the OCD a while ago, and getting some thing else.

I like the riot, but I honestly haven't had a ton of hands on time with one.

the best thing to do would be to try some different amp/pedal combinations and see what you like.

good luck
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I was wondering what in general are the EQ freqs for better presence in a band, i know this depends on many things, but what's the rule of thumb? What are really the cut-through (or mid?) freqs?