So, I've owned a Jay Turser Les Paul for about 6-8 years now, it was one of the first Guitars I got and I love it. Although I don't play it much any more since I moved on to 7/8 strings, I find it difficult and odd to use a 6 string BUT its still to this day, possibly the best guitar I own. I've never had to changer a thing on it, the electrics are perfect, the pick ups are absolute killers, the build quality is flawless, the design is beautiful, the neck is fast and its the ONLY guitar I've ever come across that can tune from E standard to Drop B without having to mess with the action, bridge, truss road any of that. stays perfectly in tune everything. couldn't ask for more.


I've never actually spoken to anyone who owns one. I've never heard anyone else speak about them honestly and openly. I've seen the odd review online / youtube.

I was just wondering, what are your opinions on them if any? I'm curious!
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i have a jay turser "vintage series" strat copy.

the neck is great. frets are solid, nicely turned edges. no sharp spots.

body is some sort of ply. the electronics were fuzzy. i didnt realize how bad they were until i replaced them. The nut was poorly cut, paint was uneven and imbalanced (its a poorly done sunburst).

it plays well and i still play it occasionally when i want ice-picky bridge parts.