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I've been collecting and watching guitar instructional dvds and VHS for years now. The first guitar instructional I ever brought was "Star-licks play in the style of yngwie malmsteen with Wolf Marshal. " I have noticed that most of the instructionals focus on technique and do not communicate the theory of soloing over backing tracks, how to target chords, open and close phrases, basics of melody and how to resolve chords.

Can anyone recommend any instructionals for this topic?

Also, any instructionals on music composition in general?


Any other business:
Video Aula - Kiko Loureiro - Guitarra Rock
Allan Holdsworth -- Just for the Curious
Greg Howe - Hot Rock Licks
Michael Romeo - "Guitar Chapter"
Chris Impellitteri Speed Soloing REH video
I am very very close to having what you need. Just going through last bits of review before we go public with early access to one of our products (probably 2 weeks from now). For example, we can sync information about music theory against video lesson playback, and that info is fully interactive on "instrument", so you can test your understanding or explore more deeply.

I used this app (emuso) to create the images I've submitted with lessons to UG for some time now. But I'm about to switch to using video + emuso, because it saves me a shed load of typing, saves UG editorial staff a load of work on their behalf (taking my lessons and reformatting), and because this will get the point across for what's being taught far more effectively than the written words

We don't use music notation (initially, or at all, dependng). We don't use jargon. We want to make understanding the tools of music as widely accessible as possible, and especially to those who don't want to become classical perfromers, or don't have a lot of time to dedicate to learning. Kids learn to walk and talk long before they learn to read. We take the same approach.
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I used to be a member of a interactive guitar e-community, but, after 3 mnths, i found that the instructors just give you live technique exercises. When ever i asked for advice on soloing over backing tracks, phrasing , targeting, writing melodies. there was no help. imagine I am a very confidnent player, I am very happy with my technique and ability to read. But although i know the caged system, i cannot solo over backing tracks at all.

I saw one good instructional called JAZZ-ROCK MASTERY by scott henderson. this video showed how to approach phrasing from a begginers point of view, but did not address targeting chord tones or resolving melodies and chords.

It'[s the same with the magazines, they give you backing tracks , but where is the information on how to start soloing properly, how to pick the correct notes to start and end the solos/phrases?
Anything like an "In the Style of" video will assume you already can play near that performers level and the goal of that video is not to teach you how to play but how to use certain techniques and phrases that will mimic that artists sound. You want to look for instructional videos that are not based on a single player.
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