I really need to allow the highs to pass this way but the volume knob can't be pulled up on my guitar naturally.

Can a luthier make this single coil thingy possible?

Thank you!
What you're referring to here is a coil split, not a hi-pass filter.

A luthier could do it, or a competent guitar tech, so long as your humbuckers will allow it. You generally need 4-conductor humbuckers which have extra wires allowing you to separate the coils, but most stock humbuckers have the coils hard-wired together, so you might need to replace the pickups. Other than that a push-pull pot (which is cheap) and a little bit of soldering should be all that's required for this modification so it shouldn't be too expensive or time consuming.

If you're confident/competent with a soldering iron you could probably even do it yourself
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^What he said.

But if you want an actual high pass filter, that can also be done with a push/pull pot and a capacitor.
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^ What they said.

Buuuuuut the coil spliting part can only be done on 4-wire (or 5-wire) pickups, most pickups can be modded to be coil splitable but sometimes it's not worth the hassle. Also some pickups sound better when split, some not so good.